The Exhibition “Touched Heads” Candela Cort in The Museum CristóBal Balenciaga

26 May 3, Madrid Candela Cort will expose their hats and headdresses in the Museum of Cristobal Balenciaga in Guetaria. You can visit the exhibition in the hall of the Museum.

The Museum of Cristobal Balenciaga has always been very interested in all aspects of fashion which constituted a substantial part of the creative work of the Spanish master of Haute Couture. Fashion accessories – hats, headgear and jewelry – form an important part of his work, It is thus logical that his Museum is also interested in other designers who help keep alive that creative activity currently in his image and likeness,.

This is the case of Candela Cort, who since 1987 designed unique hats, with a distinctive style that is full of beauty and elegance of an artisan. His versatility has allowed him to work with great artists. Among his more personal projects are collages reinterpreting classic images that have shown in numerous exhibitions such as “The art of flying” or “Re-tocados classic”.

Candela Cort knows combine with art, ancient and modern, the strident and the harmonious. By simply adding a headdress, manages to provide, with no little courage, a contemporary twist to vintage clothing, thus transforming their hats and headdresses worn cult. Everything from elegant, intelligent and subtle.

The designer and artist He has exhibited at the Reina Sofía Museum, and he has traveled with their hats to New York and other cities around the world. He has also participated in the Pasarela Cibeles, in the Ibero-American biennial of design and theatrical, cinematographic and musical performances.

If Paris is worth a mass, the master Balenciaga and the bandbox Candela Cort also deserve to give a jump to Guetaria! The exhibition “Heads touched”: art in its purest form!