The InstaGram Magnetized Jenna Gerbach

InstaGram has become in the application the Smartphone choice for fashionistas, a tool that has not taken to prove to be quite addictive. Clear, that no us strange!

Imagine that after doing a pretty Photo you could add different filters, as if you were true photography professionals, capable of providing that touch to your memories vintage or special retro, through white frames, funds cuttlefish, dribbles, effect watercolor, charcoal, cake, etc. The possibilities are many, and all great.

To loop the loop, there is thus a server called Internet StickyGram which will allow you to transform your InstaGrams in magnets You can then hang in the cabins phone, in the wagons the underground, in the streetlights, on the roofs of the cars, of the fridge… so that your best clichés do not remain consigned to a small circle.

That must have thought the American Jenna Gersbach When, in addition to sharing the result of his art with your friends tweeting your photos and uploading them to Facebook, He decided to show them to the world, making its Instagrams in magnetized sheets that it was hanging here and there, handing out poetry in its path. Do you dare to follow in their footsteps?