The Moet Winter Lounge in Baqueira Beret Is Already Opened

Diego Osorio, Maria Chavarri and Javier Fitz-James Stuart, Blanca Suelves, Ioaness Osorio and Luis Medina

The bridge of the Constitution tends to be the official ski season opening although skiers enjoy the slopes as soon as weeks before you can get. In Baqueira Beret, They also inaugurated with a glass of bubbles in hand on the terrace MOET Winter Lounge.

The idea is fascinating: cold, ski clothes and the Champagne at temperature frappe. The feeling of being on holiday is maximized with the wine of celebration good times for excellence: the Champagne. Diego Osorio, María Chavarri and Javier Fitz-James Stuart, white Suelves, Ioaness Osorio and Luis Medina enjoyed it on December 8 in the Catalan ski station most famous.

Diego Osorio, Javier Fitz-James Stuart y Luis Medina provided the Moet Winter Lounge

Ski in the elevation 1,850, the open terrace between the output of the chairlifts Horat Deth Bo view Beret offers skiers third season a different break. In addition to a flute of his Brut Impérial, the possibility of eating there, boots included, selected dishes and lids for your pairing perfect is very tempting.

By temptation, pass directly to signed desserts by Oriol Balaguer. Better impossible? It’s possible. There is the possibility of booking the lounge for private dinners in the light of the moon. The idea is very romantic and exclusive but I am whopping. Although they serve Champagne Grand Vintage de la Maison, I would escape with a bottle by changing the light of the Moon by the fire in the fireplace.