The New Boots Hunter with The Union Jack or as It Cannot Be More British

After seeing to the Queen Elizabeth II of England jump from a helicopter with James Bond in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and as just celebrated its Jubilee under a cloak with the Union Jack that has embraced him during all acts of celebration, in which the British people has turned its sovereign, proud to be British, the patriotic sentiment of the British is reaching the maximum.

The British firm Hunter, carrying years raising the concept of waterproof boots to become a landmark of elegance in its country-style, wanted to add to the exaltation of the British spirit with a new model that carries the flag of Great Britain in its design.

They have started the Olympics and flags of all nations are on the street. Hunter does honor to its British heritage with its Original Brit “Union Jack Flag vintage” the basis for an original boot. It will be available also in black and gold next season. You dare to wear the Union Jack in your legs?