The New Collection “Liens” Chaumet, Symbol of Unity and Commitment

The ultimate collection of Haute Joaillerie de Chaumet, you have called “Links” (links) It was presented, at the beginning of July, in Paris. However, the only existing copy of the “Liens” ring so it was presented, exclusively, has been reserved during les Journées the LVMH particulières.

This collection is based on the theme, so beloved by the maison Chaumet, of the cross ties, declined in several models designed with blue sapphires and white diamonds.

The spirit of the collection of Chaumet “Liens” is the create a sentimental, universal and eternal jewel. It’s him symbol of a meeting, date of anniversary, a loop of family or a loving commitment.

Accomplices of tender moments, interpretations of the collection occur, intertwine and intersect smoothly on a mount of gold for an effect very vintage or claim on a sensual and generous volume.

As I said at the beginning, the centerpiece of the collection is the “Liens” ring with a stunning blue Sapphire from Madagascar 10,69 carat, framed by 224 diamonds brilliant cut, and 4 triangular sapphires from a very specific size which is called a godrons suiffee, and that is fruit of the imagination and creativity of Pascal Bourdariat, Head of workshop of Chaumet.

The perfect pairing of four sapphires, in terms of color, is a true feat, so the error in carving not referred. For this series, the mounts that were used were all white gold so that they could enhance the splendour of sapphires and diamonds.

For this reason, it was necessary a detailed eight-month study before undertaking the realization of this unique piece. Other rings in this collection reveal also variations on the same theme based on other existing sizes baguette gems and shiny.

Sentiment-filled jewelry, symbol of marriage or commitment. Do they like you?