The Sanducherie, Ambient Vintage with Gourmet Sandwiches

The Sanducherie It is one of those places that I love to go. It is a small, cosy, has carefully decorated, and, they also have delicious food for lunch or dinner in informal plan what more can be asked to a local?

The Sanducherie opened its doors a few weeks ago in the Calle Santa Teresa in Madrid, in a neighborhood that is getting very but very good for dining out. And he does it with a different proposal based on sandwiches gourmet along with other elements such as the delicious truffled potatoes.

The local has a vintage and sophisticated point with some reminiscence to the Burger of the years 60 thanks to the work of the La Casita de Margaux Interior Design Studio

The surrounding environment is marked by the successful combination of colours turquoise, pink and multicolored wallpapers the walls, next to the wood of local original beams, industrial-style lamps or copper-colored details.

The local has a single room located in the two environments. On the one hand, a few low tables to sit and eat fluffy sofas, and on the other hand, the area of high tables to dine informally and then take one of the cocktails that prepared in the bar of this establishment.

In this area, striking the upholstered stools Pink velvet, in contrast with the turquoise of the tables and walls.

A site without a doubt to be losing both by the originality of their sandwiches as for pleasant decoration wearing local maybe you try it?