Tinder & Co: Were There the Old Bridget Jones Today?

We dare a little time travel and bring Bridget Jones’ “chocolate for breakfast” into the age of Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder and Co. – what would be different today.

If Bridget Jones had already had Tinder and Co. in 2001, who would know how their story would have gone.

In 2001 the first Bridget Jones film “Chocolate for breakfast” came into the cinema. The new millennium was fresh, the Internet age was breaking and smartphones were not yet invented.

Now 15 years have passed and Bridget Jones is celebrating her comeback with the third Kinofilm “Bridget Jones’ Baby” (Start: 20.10.2016). Bridget is now around the 40, Marc Darcy has been absconded and is – as the name of the film already suggests – pregnant! The anticipation for the new film is great and we can hardly wait to see the sympathetic and clumsy Bridget on the screens again and laugh with her.

What will have changed in their lives next to the already mentioned news? Style Lounge  has 6 Scenes from Chocolate picked out for breakfast that would have been different today:

1. No one is more desperate for Mr. or Mrs. Right

Bridget Jones spends nights in the first Kinofilm, lying depressed and smoking on the sofa, with fear never to meet Mr. Right. This inactivity is unthinkable today. Why are there Tinder, Once, etc.? Through the numerous dating apps and websites, you no longer have to wait to meet the right guy randomly in the supermarket. A few swipes to the right and a few moments later the next date is already on – whether only for a coffee, a night or the eternity remains open…

2. Bridget’s butt – a viral hit

Bridget’s embarrassing moment, when her most worthy one was exposed to the firefighters in live TV (bad enough!), Would immediately become a viral hit on social networks. Thousands of shares, Likes and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Co. were not spared and the whole world would have something to laugh!

3. Christmas pullies are now an absolute must-have

Who did not feel ashamed when Marc Darcy had to wear the gruesome Christmas pulli of Mutti on the first holiday?

Bridget would hardly have dreamed that this kitschy look was more than a decade later, thanks to a revival of vintage fashion and irony. Are you a trendsetter? Order your cheesy beautiful Christmas sweater just here on stylelounge.de.

4. The characters would never live in these houses

Shortly after the publication of “chocolate for breakfast”, the houses in which the Bridget, Daniel and Co. lived in London could still be rented for around 2,000 pounds per month. Nowadays the rent in Boomtown London is about 2,500 pounds a week (!). Whether the employee of a publishing company could still afford these days is questionable.

5. Unrivalable thanks to smartphone

In the age of the smartphone some scenes of “chocolate for breakfast” would not have come about at all. It has always been questionable why Bridget 1.) takes the phone off while Daniel Cleaver is hot in bed and 2.) informs the conversation partner in detail about what she is doing there. In 2016, it would by no means happen, as her hand-held display would already tell her the name of her mother and possibly even an individualized ringtone would play.

6. Bye-bye, your dirty emails at the workplace

Alas, what was a decade ago with non-youthful content via e-mail or the Internet at the workplace? In “chocolate for breakfast” Bridget has a lively e-mail service with cleaver with quite questionable and inappropriate content. Today, thanks to extensive data monitoring, hardly anyone dares. Big Brother is watching you! And unfortunately we do not have any news on the answering machine anymore when we get to work. What a pity.