Traveling with Dita von Teese – Dita’s Travel Favorites

Dita von Teese reveals in which hotels she likes best, in which restaurants it tastes best, and what can not be missed in the hand luggage.

Burlesque beauty Dita von Teese reveals her hand luggage musts, favorite hotels and restaurants, and why she swallows pills on long-haul flights.

Your favorite place in the world is her home in Hollywood – and yet she spends little more than three weeks at a time. “Travel is an integral part of my work, and the reason why I love her so much,” says Dita. And this, although packing alone before each trip well and gladly takes an entire day, not to mention the transport of the countless items of luggage. “I am the purest suitcase queen, and for someone with my job it is impossible to travel with small luggage, my stage outfits are complex and heavy.”

Ditas Musts: Lots of laundry

As for the off-stage wardrobe, the 36-year-old is a full-bodied glamor girl: “I do not need my clothes, I need a wide selection of designer dresses and shoes – Especially high-heeled shoes from Louboutin, as well as lots of different sunglasses and hats, matching bras, panties and stockings. ”

Favorite city Paris

On the way the baggage volume increases. “I’m crazy about antiques and vintage fashion. The most fun shopping in Paris, my favorite city. Eventually I will go quite there.” Here she checked out mostly at Hôtel Chalgrin (our site near the Champs Elysées: “It is small and not super fancy, but imperfectly to very charming way.” Is to get here no more rooms, the L’Hôtel (our site) on the Left Bank is a welcome alternative.

Eggs in the Snow in Brasserie Lipp

Dita’s other favorite hotels are the Hotel Del Coronado (our site) on the beach of San Diego, the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Iceland in Michigan (our site) and the London Dorchester (our site). For the Five ‘o clock Tea she looks most like the Claridge’s (our site). If the greater hunger comes, she stays here equal to dinner at the hotel restaurant China Tang or changes to The Wolseley (our site) . In Paris the Brasserie Lipp on Boulevard Saint Germain is a breakfast favorite: “The Oeufs à la Neige are unbeatable here,” says Dita.

On-board program: answer your fan mail

The fingers of the Burlesque star however leave from fast food. “I just feel uncomfortable after that.” And she also enjoys with caution: “This can be quite disgusting.” Ditas’ on-board program already has other focal points, as well: “I almost never go to the cinema, so I enjoy watching a few of the latest films. I often use the time Also for reading or I answer fan mail. ”

Safe with Powder, Gloss and Rouge

However, if there is an appearance shortly after the landing, there is only one occupation: sleeping. “Right before a big show, I have to be rested. For such cases, I always have sleeping pills in my luggage.” Other measures against crease on arrival: Drink plenty of water and use moisturizer. “Powder, lipgloss and rouge are still used shortly before the landing.”