Triumph Us Leads to The Past with Its Line of Retro Clothing

If something can boast the British brand Triumph is of the retro look (or “vintage”, which sounds more “cool”) that prints to certain garments that have for sale in the catalog of clothing. In many cases, are garments with history reminiscent of moments or past events.

But you let you carry by its appearance. All clothing is made with 21st century technology, and although all you have appreciation to that jacket carrying with us 15 years, must take into account that you will not always protect as a current. Let’s look at one selection of these Triumph clothing:

  • T-shirts McQueen Desert Racer and McQueen Mojave: commemorative t-shirts in Steve McQueen’s passion for racing through the desert “only had to do it in the documentary On Any Sunday”. Its price is 39 euros.
  • McQueen Sweatshirt Mojave Desert: Sweatshirt that combines sporty and classic, very easy touch of conbinar. 82 euros.
  • McQueen Classic jacket: belonging to the collection autumn/winter 2013, it’s a jacket that both serves to mount on a motorcycle to go from “terraces”. 295 EUR.
  • Bag and Messenger bag Heritage: color khaki canvas and leather details give it a retro and aged appearance. 89 EUR 115 euros and shoulder strap bag.
  • GBMC Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt: hooded, sports and with a great spirit of the British by combining the Triumph with the embroidered Union Jack logo and other details. 82 euros.
  • Air Retro jacket: jacket designed for the summer to be made in summer. Although carrying bands in vintage, sure style sleeves at that time passed more heat than now. 185 euros.
  • ISDT jacket: jacket with classic cut designed to match any style. Removable lining. Specific cuts for men and women (269 and 233 euros respectively).
  • NEWCHURCH jacket: leather jacket four pockets and belt, also with specific version for men (41 euros) and women (359 euros).
  • GBMC Zip Sweatshirt: simple Sweatshirt but with enzymatic washing the stone to give a touch worn. 79 euros.
  • Heritage Khaki Cap: Cap color khaki with the old logo of Triumph. So seems that you take while retaining ten years the same Cap. 26 euros.
  • Union Triangle belt: sport leather belt with canvas canvas of khaki and Brown accents. 43 euros.
  • McQueen Flag t-shirt: American flag and the portrait of Steve McQueen. Do I need to explain something more? Yes, priced at 39 euros.
  • GBMC pique Polo: British-style short sleeve polo. 55 euros.
  • Elvis t-shirt: for the rockers. The “King” and his passion for motorcycles, in this case by the Triumph. 39 euros.
  • Jacket Elvis: ideal to form part of the “Memphis mafia”, or what is the same, Elvis’s closest friends to those who gave the singer a Triumph. 450 euro.

You can then see them bigger and identified:

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