Underwear and Strap-Worth Buying?

One of the items that pregnant women always ask me if it’s worth buying are the panties, bras and girdles.

As for every kind of piece I have an opinion, I’m going to separate items.

Maternity Panties
There are several models of underwear for pregnant women, some are common with panties waist is wider, lower and seamless, and others cover the entire belly promising to give more support to the weight at the end of pregnancy.
I haven’t used any of them. I preferred cotton panties line Gap Body that I bought when I was stockpiled in NY. Are not pregnant but panties are ultra comfortable.
Ideally you choose models that adapt to your body transformations without disturbing, tighten or hurt.

Conclusion: I don’t think it’s worth spending money on an item that you will use for a short time and that you can replace by common size 1 panties above or some comfortable model.

Maternity Bra:
Some brands make models more comfortable, adapting the structure of hoops and bulges so you don’t hurt your breasts that are ultra sensitive at this stage. Furthermore the handles become well wider to support well the weight of the breasts without hurting the column.

Conclusion: for those who have large breasts, I think valid buy 1 or 2 templates that make you safer. What I did and I think better, replace the bra for a good gym top with wide straps. Supports as well as and still you take after.

Post Partum Panties

This is another item that you will use for a short time but for me, it helped a lot. Post partum panties has the highest waist but not as high as those of pregnant women and are really tight. So help “hold” that linda and flabby belly left after childbirth and who will accompany you for a little while. The advantage is also that are wider on the bottom to hold better absorbent you will also use a long time after childbirth. That’s comforting!

Also I think it’s great for use under the strap that often usually hurt.


Conclusion: is it worth buying some 2-3 for the famous quarantine, do something to make us feel more comfortable and less bloated, it’s worth it. The Love Secret has great and inexpensive models since you will use shortly.

Breastfeeding Bra

This item is indisputable. And unfortunately it does not help you buy many models before the baby was born, because I’m sure your bossom may increase 1 or 2 numbers and that you just know when you go down the milk. Buy a 2 number 1 models above let to buy more after the baby comes. So you can choose any model that suits best to your bossom transformations.

Today it is possible to find some models “Yes” and it has bulge. Because these Bras molengos and skin color no one deserves.

In Brazil we still don’t have the seamless and tops with handles that release. To me these are the best. So who is traveling, enjoy to buy.


Conclusion: buy some 2 models before the baby is born and let to buy the rest later. I think the ideal is to have at least 4 units.

Post Partum Girdle

The use of post partum belt is something I always recommend talking to your OB/GYN to be able to decide whether or not to use.

In my case my left me free to use since the day of the birth of girls making it clear that it would have to be comfortable for me because if I caused any nuisance, not for use.

There are doctors that afirmamque continued use after delivery helps the body back faster. Some say it’s just a feeling you let firmer.

I used the Bruna and Manu. It was not immediately after delivery, but when I felt less pain of cesarea and less trouble moving. Since putting the strap is more than a tricky task. In both I ended up using for about 2 months and I felt better.

Buy your normal size of clothing because the strap has to be tight. I mean really tight. If not, use only a post partum panties.

The best known are the models below:

My tip is to choose a model, which most closely matches the breast line where not so fat. Because these straps that stop between the navel and breasts, end up hurting and troubling where ends the zipper.

Conclusion: I think the use of the strap and in fact brings a better feeling of comfort. It’s boring to put bothers some, but worth it. As I lost weight fast in two post partum, not used for over 1-2 months. But talking to my friends who took a little longer, they used the belt for a long time. Especially if they had to leave not to mark my belly.


Another item that I think it’s important to mention are the聽compression stockings.

Are horrible, difficult to put on, but if you are of those who like me, absurdly, they swell indeed resolve.

Of course, if you get a late pregnancy in the middle of summer, forget the sock. But if you’re more fresh, is a great option for legs and feet swell up so much. Actually makes a lot of difference.

And if you already have a trip scheduled for the purchase of layette and will spend a few hours sitting on the plane, the use of the sock is super important because it prevents you to swell even more and have those tingles are common at that stage.


I hope I have helped and I want to know you, what was and what was not useful of these items above.

All the images that illustrate this post were taken from the site聽of St. George’s Socks Tank聽I also super indico to buy for an excellent price!