Vector Clocks-Watches for Your Windows!

The preparation of our work environment for our needs is a constant in all those who care about the usability of your machine. There are many software and gadgets that allow us to add useful information to our work environment so we have a quick look at information about the state of our machine or other useful information.

Vector Clocks is software that allows, as your name may indicate, to add one or more clocks to our desktop.

This software allows you to replace the watch that comes with Windows for a more personalized one and with some additional information. These clocks are fully configurable and parameterizable so that they fit into what they want and like.

Another additional feature that Vector Clocks brings is an alarm that allows you to create reminders and alerts that will be shown at the time they are set.

Being completely configurable and independent of the operating system can have several clocks running simultaneously and thus have multiple time zones. The integration of Vector Clocks is such that they may have (or may not) the clock to be shown as an application whenever they use Alt + Tab to navigate between windows.

The package that we propose today brings 10 clocks, but each of them can be run independently and completely portable.

As we approach the mouse from the clock we are presented with several possible actions to adjust this clock. We can change the size, the geometry or rotate it. We can still close the clock.

Clicking the i button in the center shows a box where you can see the current time and add alarms. Just click Set Alarmand fill in the available fields. And you can get more from searchforpublicschools.

Right-clicking on the clock will bring up the context menu. There you can also access the Vector Clocks settings.

These configuration options are varied and can with them put the clock that they choose to your taste. They can set the opacity of the watch, whether it receives foci of the mouse or whether it is always visible. You can also change the text (colors and font) of the alarm to be displayed.

These small watches can be unloaded individually or in a pack of 10 watches. They are completely portable and allow them to have access to the time and date in an instant. There are several possible layouts to use and you will surely find one that suits you.

Put it on your pen and whenever you need it get it working. Just double click and everything is ready!