Vintage, Industrial and Design with Furniture, So Is The New Flagship Store H & M in Spain

Wednesday 1 February in the afternoon, H & M opened its flagship store in Spain Since today is already public. The store is located in the emblematic building Generali of Passeig of Gràcia, in Barcelona and it has an area of approximate sale of 5,000 square meters with four floors and areas that make it unique including a gastronomic space of the hand of Flax & Kale.

This flagship store offers all collections of the brand, including H & M Home, and it is one of the largest in the world of the firm stores. Shopping experience will become her protagonist given its size, lighting and presentation cared to detail in this new concept of global flagship.

The interior design of this iconic store corresponds to the new concept designed for the flagship of H & M stores worldwide. New atmospheres have been created to promote the customer shopping experience. The materials that have been used are wood, marble, glass, mirrors, details in steel, leather or painted tiles, among others.

The interior design is inspired in the public spaces like art galleries, museums, nature and contemporary architecture. In addition, plants and natural areas be charged great relevance. The palette of colors make up white, black and dark green accents and color cognac.

More than 1,000 guests attended the inauguration, last Monday, which were able to enjoy what East new destination for fashion It will offer all customers from now on. As special guests were, among others: the actresses Andrea Duro, Cristina Brondo, Alba Ribas, Julia Creus, Aida Folch and the actors Cristian Valencia and Roger Berruezo, models as whites, Neus Bermejo and Victoria Abron, Olympic swimmers Gemma Mengual and Ona Carbonell.

The event was also animated by the Dj and Stephen James British model and the Spanish Dj Mr. K, nominated to the Goya Awards 2017 by Kiki song feat. Nita and Paco León for the film “Kiki, they make love”. A penalty being not able to be in Barcelona to enjoy the occasion, but the most important thing is the store and your shopping experience and of them if we can enjoy for several years.