Web Shopping: Thermoskannen – Hot Cans

With just one click on your favorite jug you can go straight to the respective online shop.

The winter is approaching – for warmth from the inside, you can always provide hot drinks. No problem with these chic “hot water bottles”.
Full loosely from the wrist pour (l) n: The  thermos from Eva Solo (seen in 1a- our site; 49 euros) comes with translucent strap therefore. Double-walled stainless steel ensures the best holding characteristics of the fine 0.5-liter jug.

A classic among the jugs: For more than three decades, is Stelton jug (seen at our site; 62 euros) a sales hit. Thanks to its minimalist, timeless design – and convincing technology, the unique tilt closure opens automatically when pouring. Originally it was only made in stainless steel, now it can be chosen from a pallet of around 30 different colors. The illustrated “Pistachio” jug is one liter.

The subtle curves of the female body should Designer Sebastian Holmbäck in shaping the thermos Aya including matching creamer and sugar dispenser (seen in our site; the set for 105 Euro) have inspired. To ensure that there is no cold hands when pouring, the stainless steel jug is covered with rubberized plastic. Thanks to this, and thanks to its waisted shape, it is sure to catch the eye. The sensual pot swallows 0.9 liters, which should remain hot for at least six hours.

For Christmas spirit that makes Emsa jug in reindeer design (seen at Amazon.de ; 10 euros). It can be opened and closed at the touch of a button and should be easy to operate even after an extended glowweed (in this can a whole liter liter fits).

Hot drinks with “pop” They serve from the thermal Vintage Bottle by Sigg (seen in our site; 22 euros). This is ensured by the preppy strap closure of the 0.4-liter bottle made of brushed stainless steel.