When LF Appears Clothing Has a Charm That Makes It Special

If you’re of the lucky this summer 2012 is going to go on holiday to United States You must save a little more for the firm that I present today: LF. Yes, I have already shown several lookbooks of this special shop, but customized to my every day vintage clothing I have more kidding. Parts are obviously not in a same styling, but alone are perfect. Although its price is not so loved…

But if coincides with period of sales the thing changes. And it is that far from discounts of 25% or 30%, this signature reduction (at least) 50% of the actual price. This is why that sometimes and with luck you can scratch something without your Pocket die in the attempt.

Addicted to fluorine

I don’t know if the neon color It will be a shade that will endure much nowadays, but what I do know is that it is now the most. Gives a touch of fun and different from the outfits, and We must take advantage of it.

In small details or commercial quantities, If you go dressed with tones fluorine street you won’t mention much. And it is that no one is going to look as if you were an alien. How usually it take you?

And finally the icing on the cake: a denim jacket in White’s Levi’s tie dye in colors fluorine and Skewers in the shoulder straps, what you think about the end result?