Zielo Vintage, a Sustainable Cafe with Charm in LeoN

November turns two premises that has already become a huequito hospitality of Leon from the wide range. Zielo Vintage is located away from the Centre, in the University District of the Vegazana University campus, a place happy and very dynamic, but all the local, as its name indicates, it has some vintage very cozy and homey air.

Its cuisine, its decor and its philosophy of life is summarized in a few words:creativity, quality and Upcycling.

According to Cristina, Zielo Vintage half:

The decoration project has been based primarily on the upcycling (one way to transform an object without use or intended to be a residue, in another of equal or greater utility and value). The concept of DIY It is also very present in everything we do.

In these two years success has been meteoric, Zielo Vintage has developed in a place of reference for any time of the day. Its cosy chairs, tables and of course your tree, the most sought-after place are fundamental. A paragraph to talk of their 20 varieties of coffee, homemade pastries or the good burgers, which the who if you stop eating.

Special mention for their details they are many and very spectacular. Letters that appear to our ancient books of calligraphy of Rubio, fishing poles hanging lamps, the made coat racks with antique silverware, from which the Foosball bar or recycled tables. It has so many large and small details, which is better you go to discover them, is worth. By the way! Do not fail to go to the bathroom, especially the lovers of cycling, you’ll.

In its anniversary we want to wish Cristina and Oscar the best, being enterprising, sustainable, decorate with originality and that nostalgic dot that we like and doing things as well. If you pass or you live in Leon, don’t give you a turn by the Zielo, It is worth.